Power Down Mode

Application name : ebv_pwr_down


This sample application is using the power down mode feature of the Cloud as a Module board. This example requires additional hardware setup to work properly: a push button and an LED need to be connected to the arduino board. To wire up the hardware devices, follow the instruction in the Wiring Diagram With Additional Component topic.

The working principle of this application is to illustrate the Cloud as a Module board power down mode. This is especially useful for battery powered applications.


To upload this application to an Arduino compatible board navigate to the examples and select the ebv_pwr_down from the Embever IoT library in Arduino IDE. Upload the sketch to the board and see the result in the serial terminal.

Testing the Application

To test the application, the necessary hardware connections should be done (as mentioned before). After powering up the device, the following information should appear in the serial terminal:

Power down mode test sample

To start the demo press the external button. The following message will appear in the serial terminal:

Sending sample event
Event sent
Put CaaM board to power down mode and wait 1 minute...
Sleep mode activated

After a sample event is sent to the cloud, the power down mode is activated. About 1 minute later the sample application going to wake up the Cloud as a Module board to send the sample event again.