Hello Cloud

Application name : hello_cloud


The Hello Cloud sample application is a simple application which is sending data to the cloud. This example does not require any additional hardware, just an arduino compatible board and a compatible Embever CaaM device supported by the Embever IoT library. To wire up the hardware devices, follow the instruction in the Wiring Diagram With No Additional Component topic.

The working principles of this application is quite simple: it sends data to the cloud only one time. To achieve this task, it is using an event. This is the way to send data from the device to the cloud. To get more information about the Embever IoT Messaging, take a look at the Embever IoT Messaging.


Uploading this application to an Arduino compatible board is easy: navigate to the examples and select the hello_cloud from the Embever IoT library in Arduino IDE. Upload the sketch to the board and see the result in the serial terminal.

Testing the Application

To test the application, the necessary hardware connections should be set up (as mentioned before). After powering up the device, the following information should appear in the serial terminal.

Hello Cloud starting...
Sending hello_cloud event...
Event sent to the cloud

Now the event should be sent to the cloud. Verify it in the Embever Cloud System. The submitted event should be the following content:

    "type": "Hello_Cloud",
    "payload": {
        "source": "ebv_demo"