Connecting Your Salesforce Organisation to Embever IoT Core

Your salesforce Organisation can be easily integrated to the Embever IoT core. This enables you to use the data from Embever IoT core on different business cases on your salesforce organisation.

To connect your salesforce instance to Embever IoT Core follow the following steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Select the your type of organisation and an alias. Click on Authorize

  3. Next Authorize CAAM Embever by logging in with your salesforce credentials and clicking Allow. After that you will be redirected to the IoT Core console.

  4. Install the Embever IoT Core Salesforce App.

  5. After installing the IoT Core Salesforce App, Go back to your connection page on the IoT Core console

  6. On Install Salesforce App section, click on “I have already installed the App”

  7. Next, select the applications for the integration.

Now you can send or receive data from the devices on the attached applications from salesforce.


  1. You can install the sample Embever IoT Core Salesforce App by clicking the “Install Example App in Salesforce” button on the last section.

  2. Synchronize all the devices to Salesforce by simply clicking the “Synchronize All Devices to Salesforce” button.

After sucessfully connecting the devices to your salesforce organisation you can now use the Platform Events defined in the IoT Core App to communicate to the device via Embever IoT Core.